Learn About Different Applications

Hard Chrome


Applying a protective coating to a ½” part to a 20’ part. No job too small or too large.


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Extends tool life
  • Excellent release agent
  • Press ready finish
  • Build up worn areas

Specialty Coatings


Our PVD is 2800 Hv to 3000 Hv. Teikuro PVD provides a lubricous surface.

Our DLC-Si has a coefficient of friction unmatched by other coatings.


  • Extreme Surface Hardness.
  • Greater Impact Resistance.
  • Wear Resistance.

Plastic & Rubber Molds

Teikuro treated molds are a key factor in reducing the high cost of maintenance. Our knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians provide the best polished surface with hands on repair.


  • Increased lubricity.
  • Preserves die surface.
  • Increased quality and productivity.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Better releaseability.

I.D. Plating

Teikuro’s knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians provide ID plating to fit your specific needs. Whether you need flash chrome of .0005 or special thicknesses of chrome, we can plate your inner dimensions and outer dimensions of a bore or shaft.


  • Tapered bore plating
  • Electro-polishing capabilities
  • Plating per AMS 2460 and MIL STD 171
  • Air gauging and post plate bake capacity
  • Build up worn areas

Surface Treatments & Consulting.

Ask Us About Surface Treatment Consulting.

When you consult with Teikuro you’re getting more than just a Surface Treatment Expert! Having served over 40 years in the Mold & Die Industry, Teikuro has the experience and knowledge to improve your situation.

Training Seminars Available

Upon request we can even train your employees on best practices for your company moving forward. The knowledge that you’ll gain from this service is invaluable to keeping your surface treatments efficient and long lasting. This service is available upon request.

In House Testing Facility

Skilled Technicians

Knowledgeable Salesforce

Diamond Files & Cherry Stones

Teikuro proudly offers 2 products as part of our recommended tools for the “Proper use and Care of Chrome” on automotive stamping dies. These products are only available in North America through Teikuro.

For all orders email:

Daimond File Sets
Cherry Oil Stones
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