About Teikuro

Innovative Technology

Our facilities have state of the art labs and equipment.

Forward Thinking

Teikuro is a life long relationship company that focuses on long term solutions.

Problem Solvers

We respond to issues with care by looking at the root of the cause and not just the effect.

Customer Support

Our number one goal is to make sure our clients get what they need.

About Teikuro

The name Teikuro has become synonymous with excellence, consistency, and customer service. Our intense focus on continuous improvement and customer-focused approach have resulted in Teikuro being able to continually meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

Since 1987 we have been providing our Hard Chrome Surface Treatment to the North American automotive stamping industry. We are the world leader in providing high quality hard chrome surface treatment for both large and small die stamping applications.

In recent years we expanded our hard coating products offerings. In addition to automotive stamping dies, our Hard Chrome product is now being utilized in industries such as aerospace, defense, forging, mold making and numerous others. In 2002, we continued expanding into markets with our TRD (Thermo-Reactive Diffusion) product. And most recently in 2007, DLC-Si (Diamond-Like Carbon w/Silicon was added to our product family. Collectively, our new hard coating product family offers our customers an array of choices to suit their needs.

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